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Jonathan Searle works for Cranfield University at the Defence Academy of the UK at Shrivenham, where he is the head of the Modelling and Simulation Group and the Course Director for Postgraduate education in M&S. He also runs the Simulation and Synthetic Environment Laboratory in the Defence Capability Centre. He has 33 years experience working in defence simulation and Operational Analysis. His early career saw involvement in a series of research and development projects, culminating in the development of the original URBAT (Urban Battle Trainer) wargame for the British Army, which was in service until 2002. Since 1991 he has been a member of the academic staff, with teaching responsibilities in areas such as military simulation and training, wargaming and battlefield simulation, Computer Generated Forces, 3D computer graphics, terrain generation, serious games, distributed simulation and Synthetic Environments. He has lectured for NATO throughout Europe and delivered other M&S courses all over the world. He currently chairs the Computer Generated Forces Special Interest Group of the UK MoD’s Synthetic Environment Tower of Excellence.