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Newman & Spurr Consultancy Ltd (NSC) is a world class provider of Simulation and Analysis driven Decision Support and Training Solutions., NSC provides decision training systems including ‘serious gaming’, from the tactical to theatre level, supporting and delivering training in the Contemporary Operating Environment for the Military and National Security and Resilience (NS&R) markets.

The NSC JOCASTS system delivers Theatre level training and is in use by the UK Defence Academy and International Staff Colleges. To meet Brigade, Urban, Resilience and Education and Analysis requirements NSC has developed the CONTACT range of products and at the ‘one on one’ level, NSC has developed training solutions based on VBS2 (from Bohemia Interactive), in particular for the British Army Op JCOVE programme.
For NS&R, NSC is the Technical Authority for the UK Cabinet Office Gold Standard system for exercising local, regional and national resilience.


Newman & Spurr Consultancy Ltd

Norwich House
Knoll Road
GU15 3SY
Tel: 01276 678 867