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Pitch Technologies is a leading provider of innovative state-of-the-art interoperability products, services and solutions for development of

distributed systems. Our products and solutions are being used by some of the largest and most complex simulation programs in government and industry around the world. Our experts provide the management, guidance and technical support you need to successfully integrate distributed simulation systems into an interoperable solution that meets your needs and reduces cost, risk and time-to-market.

Pitch Technologies expanding product family consists of infrastructure products, development tools and runtime tools allowing the design,

integration and execution of the most complex LVC environments and supports the latest IEEE 1516 HLA Evolved standard. Pitch products have been designed to meet our customer’s highest demands in terms of performance, robustness and ease-of-use.

Pitch Technologies also offers a complete range of HLA training courses targeted at general management, technical executives, project managers, developers and system integrators.

Visit www.pitch.se  for more information.

Pitch Technologies AB
Repslagaregatan 25
S-582 22 Linköping

Phone: +46 13 470 55 00
Fax: +46 13 12 12 37

Website: www.pitch.se

Email:       info@pitch.se

www.pitch.se info@pitch.se