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Program-Ace is an innovation-oriented company that develops realistic training solutions for military and educational facilities. The company has a special focus on the deep-tech aspect of R&D and crafts augmented, virtual and mixed reality simulations and trainings. These powerful, multi-user training solutions are known to be an effective combination of advanced technologies and realistic scenarios.

Program-Ace has been one of the most reliable players in the training market for more than 25 years now. Constant growth and development since 1992 have resulted in worldwide recognition and customers' trust. The company is an honorable member of ETSA and one of 100 world's best outsourcing companies acknowledged by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

With a unique technical background and a broad spectrum of skills, this professional team can craft any type of virtual training, be it an educational or how-to simulation, military weapon or vehicle training.

Program-Ace builds long-term relationships with the clients worldwide by designing industry-oriented training and simulation that allows learners to become immersed into a highly realistic environment. As a team of training experts, Program-Ace offers custom development services, including, but not limited to:

Program-Ace applies knowledge and experience gained in the industry for years to apply this emerging technology to develop a lifelike MR environment that allows recruits to obtain necessary skills.

The company utilizes advanced programming methods to create more realistic, cutting-edge and deeply immersive virtual simulations for military and academia.

Program-Ace creates special controlling software necessary for efficient interaction between humans and machines.

Program-Ace specialists are qualified to create a computer software essential for the development of procedural skills for broad-spectrum specialists.

The unique blend of Program-Ace’s experience in serious games allows for the development of training with not only interactivity and immersion features, but also with an entertainment value.

Since 1992, Program-Ace has cooperated with many world-recognized industry leaders and successfully delivered cost-effective custom training and simulations to companies involved in healthcare, education, entertainment, military and government service.


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