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Andy Fawkes

Thinke Founder

London-based Thinke is a consultancy firm operating principally in the field of training and simulation. It draws on a strong academic background and extensive experience in the management of training and technology, with a particular strength in the defence and security sectors.

Thinke has 3 main areas of operation:

* Advising organisations on training and simulation
* Business development
* Conference support and presentations

Thinke is a consultancy firm that is passionate about transforming and improving training and education and organisations more generally though the use of information technologies.

In a generation we have gone from the blackboard to handheld devices accessing the knowledge of mankind. In the same time, interactive 3D simulation was only the preserve of pilots, now everyone can access simulation in some form. What do these changes mean to your organisation, your staff, your customers, now and into the future? Are your organisational strategies linked to technological innovation?


Andy Fawkes


Tel: +44(0) 20 8989 9866

Mob: +44(0) 7932 389924


andy.fawkes@thinke.co.uk www.thinke.co.uk